Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Olay vs. Banana Boat Study Complete

The results are in....and the study is inconclusive. What I found was, if I had recently applied the two creams, the side with the Olay Regenerist "won." If I had applied the two creams, say, the night before, the side with the Banana Boat "won." I did note somewhere, whether in their marketing materials or on the container itself, Olay Regenerist seemed to emphasize the words "if used every day," almost as a disclaimer for those of us who might expect, especially at the Olay Regenerist price point, a skin cream to have more lasting effects. Anyway, my silly little study has caused me to treat my skin a whole lot better over the past couple of months, and, at least until my supply of Regenerist runs out, I intend to apply Banana Boat at bedtime, and Olay Regenerist in the morning.