Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sex Sells....OR: Windows on a Mac?

So for the first time since I did all my MBA work on my Bestest Pal's Mac, I'm considering switching back. I've vowed "Never another Dell" and "Never another IBM" (or whatever they call themselves now) and "Never another Maxtor for backup" (see also Bestest Pal's blog) but haven't found a realistic solution. So, after viewing cool widgets and a waybetterthanPC iPhoto slide show on my beloved stepson's MacBook, BootCamp and Parallels (which allow you to run Windows on a Mac) have caused me to ponder, "is the 5% of the computer population who use Mac really tied to the unemployment rate" or can I realistically hope to do my work on MacWindows and have my fun on MacMac? And what about Windows Vista when it comes out? Anybody know? Can you believe I came out of retirement with a technology post?