Sunday, March 02, 2008

My Golden Snitch (and Keurig Coffee Reviews and Ratings)

Every now and then my friends snarf when I mention my Golden Snitch. That's the pet name that Rex gave my Amazon "Gold Box," where I always get a laugh from the customer comments, but frequently also find good deals. I've started a link to my Golden Snitch on the right sidebar of this blog so that you can go there, too.

Just the other day, I bought this (An Amazon "Lightning Deal" at $20 off the price shown below) from My Golden Snitch:

Since Rex has recently been drinking one cup of coffee too many, leaving me with one too few, this little beauty has changed my morning routine for the better.

I can choose an individual cup of Timothy's Kona Blend (RoxiticusDH Coffee Rating: ***1/2 out of five stars. Rex says the Kona is weaker than he'd like and, as advertised, it is clearly just a "blend" rather than the real deal that you'd pay $30/pound for the beans):

or a flavor like Gloria Jean's Coffees Butter Toffee or Hazelnut (RoxiticusDH Coffee Rating: ****1/2 out of five stars. The Butter Toffee is amazing, and it is nice to have a few different flavor choices so I can mix it up each morning):

Next time Amazon offers a deal, I may have to pick up another one for the office and give up my Starbucks habit.

I should also note that Amazon has the best prices on all of the K-Cups for the Keurig. I can get a 48-to-50 cup two-box pack of most brands and flavors for $17, while the materials included with the Keurig coffeemaker pointed me to web sites that charged almost twice that.
Here are links to Amazon to purchase the Keurig K-Cup coffees I am going to try over the next few months. If you "subscribe," you can get the coffee at 15% off, resulting in the $17 price I mentioned above. You can always cancel the coffee "subscription" after your first order if it doesn't work out. Reviews will be posted upon consumption. Feel free to share your own reviews via the comments section.

Diedrich Coffee Variety Pack of Medium and Dark Roasts (K-Cups). We have not tried the Diedrich Coffee K-Cups yet, but really enjoyed Diedrich Coffee in Laguna Beach, CA.

Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend (K-Cups). Caribou is sold a little differently, in a 108-pack. Rex has tried it via the sample pack that came with our Keurig coffeemaker, and loves it (Roxiticus DH Coffee Rating: ****1/2 out of five stars).

Green Mountain Flavored Coffee K-Cup Variety Pack (Hazelnut, Vanilla, and Rain Forest Nut) isn't part of the subscriptions service, but they put it in my personal Golden Snitch today for a few pennies off, so I may try it and see how Green Mountain stacks up against Gloria Jean:

Keurig K-Cup Related Coffee Gadgets at

Once I purchased the Keurig K-Cup coffeemaker, of course Amazon started recommending all sorts of related gadgets (as well as different brands and flavors of coffee available in K-Cups). I'm thinking about buying these....

A K-Cup Reusable Filter Basket so you can grind your own beans and still make a single serving in the Keurig K-Cup coffeemaker:

A spinning carousel to display all of your K-Cup choices:


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