Monday, November 28, 2005

Oh, that George is Soooo Creepy..... we really believe he's dead?


God said...

Don't ask me. I thought the shrink was dead.

C.C. said...

Roger Bart, the actor that plays George on Desperate Housewives, was on The View today, and confirmed that George is officially dead and will not be returning. It's sort of too bad, because he was really spicing things up on the show!

--josh-- said...

Producers of DH already hinting at killing off one of 5 principal DHs. (I assume by the fact that they are hinting at killing one of the 5, not 4, that Edie is getting the ax.) Need to give some juice to a show slipping in the ratings and suffering from absence of taut narrative device (like murder mystery) to hold the thing together. DH looking more and more like Twin Peaks post-catching-Leland.

"When he was in me... I didn't know... and when he was gone... I didn't remember..."

Best TV death EVER.