Thursday, January 19, 2006

Happy New Year!! (Free at Last)

I think the Applewhites are going to be responsible for Edie's death...perhaps she'll get a little too nosy when preparing to sell their home? (I was shocked to see Betty Applewhite in Glory Road this past weekend!!)

Or maybe Dr. Right will discover that Susan is terminal?

Or the nun will take out Gabrielle?


--josh-- said...

I think your Applewhite scenario is probably right on. They've teased the death of one of the big 5, and I assume that icluding Edie in there makes her the likely one to go.

Which DH character would you most like to kill? I would have picked Zach a month ago, but he's become likable. And then that tool married to whatsername, the one who works at the ad agency. But he seems to have finally grown a pair of stones. So maybe Bree's obnoxious son?

Yes, L'il Best is quite the cut-up. Sort of serves me right.

--josh-- said...

By the way, when Sex and the City was still on, my college guy friends adopted an official designation for each of the 4 leads: the blonde; the brunette; the redhead; and the horse-faced one. I don't think they watch DH.

Secrt word: ixatx. Which I take when I want a refreshing mint AND I'm feeling "irregular."

RoxiticusDH said...

Bree went to McSorleys with those college guy friends of yours once. Wore a pink sweater set if I recall correctly.

--josh-- said...

Tip of the week: the cover story of the current TV Guide-- now a useless rag in large format; my newsstand guy was bemoaning that "Now I only sell 2, 3 a week!" (if my Arabic is right)-- features Marcia Cross on Bree Van de Camp.

Who is Marcia Cross?