Saturday, February 27, 2010

News You Can Use: Simple Kids' Snowboards for London and Maddie from the Sports Section in Mendham, NJ

Roxy's loyal readers know that, a few weeks back I posted about trying to find a simple kids snowboard for London and Maddie. Since we've had so much snow (including four snow days off from school so far this year), I've been thrilled about London and Maddie's new love of the snow... snowmen, snow angels, sledding, and my hope of finding them a simple kids snowboard to use to slide down the hill in our front yard in the Roxiticus Valley (not on the mountains of Whistler, Vail or Deer Valley).

Given the amount of snow we've had this year and coinciding with the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, it seemed like the right time for nine-year-old London and eight-year-old Maddie to try snowboarding. However, after doing some basic Internet research on kids' snowboarding, I had decided I would need Roxy (the snowboard and clothing company) to sponsor Roxy (the blogger) with London and Maddie's first set of snowboard equipment (stay tuned for happy ending that doesn't involve sponsorship). While I thought it would be fun for each of my girls to have one of those Roxy snowboards with the cool graphic designs just to slide down the hill in front of our house, I didn't realize that snowboarding could be as complicated and expensive as skiiing... snowboard, bindings, boots, helmet... While I waited for the snowboard offer to come in from Roxy to Roxy for next season, I considered tracking down a couple of those plastic cafeteria trays used for snowboarding back in my days as a college student at Syracuse University.

Last weekend, temperatures reached the high 40's and I decided spring was here. However, the snow returned to the Roxiticus Valley on Thursday and Friday.

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LadyJava said...

vote vote vote.. goodluck Roxy!

Mariuca said...

Hey Roxy, is that Maddie and London too in the pics? Oh they look cool! :)

Mariuca said...

Getting ready for MM, come and chop later he he! Working on my third song for MPG..thinking now... feel like an 80s song this MM! ;)

Mariuca said...

Anyway vote vote vote! 6 more votes after dis, good luck! :)