Sunday, September 19, 2010

Green Eyeshade's Wedding

My niece, Green Eyeshade, got married yesterday, the day before her 30th birthday, at the Lyndhurst castle in Tarrytown, New York. Rex, London, Maddie and I left Peanut Butter with the girls' nanny as a puppy sitter and drove up from the Roxiticus Valley in the early afternoon. We stayed at Tarrytown House and took a shuttle bus to the nearby ceremony and reception. It was great to be together with my sisters and nieces for a happy occasion instead of a sad one, though we all wished my mom could have lived a few more months to attend her granddaughter's wedding.

Everything about the day was perfect... the weather, their vows, the adorable flower girl and ring bearer, the celebration, and the way the two of them look at each other. I am so happy for Green Eyeshade and her new husband. They're off to Bora Bora on Monday morning for their honeymoon. Congratulations!