Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Neighbors!!

Rex, London, Maddie & I have been spending a lot of August at our beach house in Bay Head, NJ, but we drove back this morning for a bunch of errands...we're waiting for a delivery from Wine Library, Maddie has a pitching lesson with Kristyn at RBIs in Randolph, NJ, we need to pick up our Summer Stars DVD at Annie's Playhouse in Far Hills, NJ, London has a munchkin rehearsal tonight for Hexagon Players' Wizard of Oz, and we're hoping to have a swim in the pool and dinner with our NEW NEIGHBORS!! They moved in across the street last month and have THREE GIRLS...yippee!

Meeting our new neighbors got me thinking that I really, really need to update this blog and all of my Roxy's Best Of... local sites so that our new friends will have the latest information on all the cool things to do in the Greater Roxiticus Valley (Morris County and Somerset County, NJ). As London and Maddie have grown up and their interests have changed, I realize I should be posting a whole new set of recommendations....and reminding everyone about some of our old favorites with staying power.