Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oh, THOSE Housewives

I know, I know, I've been bad about posting....good excuses that I may or may not choose to share later. But...two important Desperate Housewives tidbits:

The Desperate Housewives first season DVD is out!! I am hoping to get to Target to pick it up tomorrow night.

The new season starts on Sunday, September 25th. Hooray!

And in Roxiticus Desperate Housewives news, I have been invited to join the Women of the Roxiticus Valley for a ladies who lunch luncheon on Monday....let's all hope I'll have lots of dirt to share.


--josh-- said...

Hey, Best: do you have that picture of Brendan holding my tongue? You kow the one I mean.

My wife only saw, like, the first 8 episodes of DH. SHould I start her off with season 2, or get the DVD?
By the way, secret word of the day is "tjewbx." This is a Martian anti-semitic slur.

RoxiticusDH said...

I picked up the first season DVD box set at Target for about $37 the other night & highly recommend it...Target also included a bonus episode DVD in the package. We watched the pilot last night and only have 23 more episodes to catch up on before the 2nd season starts Sunday night. The only downside so far is that my youngest loves it, and I'm worried about what she'll say during pre-school show & tell.

--josh-- said...

She'll probably want to know who killed her real mother.

--josh-- said...

By the way, my secret word here is "grbkmky," which I assume is shorthand for "grab my monkey."

(yes, all secret words certified 100% true)

--josh-- said...

What is the special Target bonus episode about? Is that the one with the much-rumored, hot Housewife-on-Housewife action? That's worth $37 right there.

--josh-- said...

3 episodes into season 2, I am beginning to fear that DH, like Twin Peaks, may have jumped the shark in the wake of the solution of the show's central mystery. With DH of ocourse it was 2 mysteries-- who killed Dierdre, and why did Mary Alice kill herself?-- which brilliantly (SPOILER!) rolled up into one. But now that the mysteries are solved, the show seems to have lost some of its frisson. The guy in the basement better turn out to be pretty damn scary and mysterious, and fast; I think he has "White lodge/black lodge" written all over him.