Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Computer Problems

The old HP, she ain't what she used to be... I can't tell if it's a virus or a hardware/electrical problem (or a little bit of both), but my HP Pavillion notebook is giving me fits. For the past few days, a file called "DeadUpdate.exe" pops up on my screen every three to four hours (saving itself in my temp folder each time), but Microsoft Vista User Controls give me the opportunity to cancel it out before it can contaminate my laptop. I can delete it from the temp folder but it always comes back. I sent a "sample" of this virus to McAfee the other day, but haven't heard back.

Meanwhile, I shut down my computer this afternoon, and when I came back it was dead. It kind of sputtered like a car that had run out of gas, and came back to life when I held down the F10 key. I took that opportunity to back up my files (again) to several places, but I always worry that there are certain things you never get back when a computer crashes.

Ugh! Anyone out there have any suggestions?


Dwayne said...

See if you can get into Safe Mode (restart the computer, then start typing F8 and choose "Safe Mode w/ Networking). Try downloading and installing an Anti-Virus program called Malware Bytes (just Google "malware bytes"). It does a pretty good job at removing viruses that other programs can't remove.

steve said...

MalwareBytes is a free program you can download that is very popular and deletes most malware from your computer. Search for it on Download dot com.