Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Off to the HSA Meeting at Mendham Township Elementary School

Now that I'm working for someone else, and particularly as the mergers and acquisitions market is warming up after a long cold year, I don't often have the time to attend the Home & School Association events that are scheduled during the day at Mendham Township Elementary School.

However, this one seemed important. Here's the email note about it:
The next MTES H.S.A. General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday December 2nd at 9:30am in the Elementary School Staff Development Room. School Board President Mark Ford will be present to announce a new program coming to Mendham Schools. Superintendent Kristopher Harrison, Principals Dr. Ciccone and Ms. Allen and Special Services Co-Ordinator Mrs. Elaine Lombardi will also be in attendance to share what is happening in their areas.

Sounds like a lot of heavy hitters, and since I'm working from home on two client projects while Rex has a full day of meetings in New York, I plan to attend. I'll fill you in tonight!


Steve said...

What was the new program that was introduced?

RoxiticusDH said...

Sorry for not posting about it for all my readers... it wasn't actually what I'd call a "new program"... in the Spring, Mendham Township Middle School (7th and 8th graders, I believe) will compete with local community groups in an Academic Challenge... kind of like a quiz bowl.
It will be a great outreach program to the community, particularly those taxpayers who don't have students in the school...

Thanks for commenting...