Friday, May 21, 2010

London and Maddie Had Great Fun at the Lemon Ball Tonight!

It seemed like every girl and boy in the second, third or fourth grade at Mendham Township Elementary School had big plans tonight... singing, dancing, and eating Rita's Italian Ice at the second annual Lemon Ball fundraiser for Alex's Lemonade Stand (a children's cancer charity), organized by the MTES Tiger Leaders. Both London and Maddie had pre-event parties to get dressed up and ready with their friends, and Rex and I hung out with a bunch of moms and captured the moments on camera.

After driving our girls home and hearing about their favorite songs, dances, and games, we had a surprise for them. I asked London and Maddie what they might do differently if we were not just visiting our cockapoo puppy at Mulberry Farm on Sunday, but bringing Peanut Butter home to live with us. Our house erupted with screams and squeals of delight, and then the girls had to call all of their friends and squeal some more. This is going to be one amazing weekend.