Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Good Old Days??

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In September, Rex and I will celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. That's twelve years of not having to date... the old fashioned way that we did things before there was such a thing as virtual dating. I remember going out on blind dates, feeling like I was doing it just to entertain my girlfriends. The one thing all of them (until Rex) had in common was that the boys found ways to avoid feeding me. Endless drinks, yes... but no more than a basket of chips or a cup of peanuts at the bar. Now, all of this can be prevented... there's a new social dating site called Smingle that offers cool interactive elements, cutting edge features and communication tools. invests in the member experience and therefore offers a variety of creative and refreshing ways to date...

I checked it out as a favor to all of my single readers, and found that without leaving the comfort of your own home (and your own refrigerator and microwave oven), you can:

  • Play “get to know me” games like Love Match to see if you match
  • Create a fun 3D avatar that looks just like can customize by changing your clothes, your hair, etc... and no one would ever lie about their looks online
  • Even better, your lifelike 3D avatar can do the flirting for you and respond naturally to typed text (if you're single, you’ve just got to try this and let me know how it works)

I can see why virtual dating can be addictive, it seems like an intuitive way to chat and get to know each other better before you rush off to meet, saving everyone time and money and avoiding some of the disappointment.

According to THS Investigates, virtual dating helps curb the dangers of online dating by allowing people to get to know each other better before meeting in person. Virtual dating technology is extremely women-friendly, especially when compared with webcams and other technologies that may pose a danger. Or when compared to REAL DATING, which surely poses a danger!

So give Smingle a try and get 3 months FREE when you upload a picture to your profile. Happy Virtual Dating Everyone!

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