Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Be Real, James C. Dobson....Are You Hot for Hill??? (Eew)

According to my MSNBC news feed (these constant comment e-mails that remind me what's wrong with the world on an hourly basis), "James C. Dobson, a longtime conservative leader, greeted Mr. McCain on primary day with a statement announcing that he would under no circumstances vote for Mr. McCain in November." So, James, when you go to the polls, will you be voting Democratic? Writing in Ross Perot? While some of us might have preferred a businessman like Mitt Romney, get over it and keep that hideous Hillary out of the White House!

James, James, James (and Rush, Rush, Rush)....may I just remind you that, no matter which Democrat you pick, THEY WILL ALL RAISE YOUR TAXES. If you'd personally like to pay more taxes, the one convincing tidbit I picked up from W's State of the Union is, "the United States treasury accepts checks and money orders." Be our guest.


--josh-- said...

Dobson isn't a conservative, He's a religious nut. I like to think they're not the same thing.

I've decided that I don't care if they raise my taxes. What I care about is how much stuff I can buy with my money. So that means if my taxes go up but oil goes back to $50 a barrel (like it was before the War on Terror) and the dollar gets strong enough that we stop having those decadent Canadians coming over the border to party in Maine and Michigan and North Dakota, trash our ski lodges, and spend their Canadian money on our fine wines and hookers and donuts-- or more to the point, when I go to London, a cup of coffee at Starbucks isn't $7-- then maybe I still come out ahead. I've decided I like higher taxes and a big fat government. Because it turns out that there is one sort of entity that can waste more of my money than a government-- a government contractor (sort of the government on steroids thanks to the profit motive of the free market.)

Try this exercize. Every time a politician says "we have to let the free market solve these problems," replace 'the free market' with 'government contractors.' Trust me, it aint pretty.

And since smaller govt means more outsourcing to contractors, I've had the epiphany that I like a big government taxing me to solve my problems. Sure it sounds counter intuitive, but somehow when that happens I can buy more stuff with my money.

Only 92 posts to go...

--josh-- said...

Oh-- that should not be interpreted to mean I like Hillary. I can't stand her either.

Here's what I think the 2 dem campaign slogans should be.

Hillary: "Its time for someone shrill."

Obama: "Nine inches of leadership."