Saturday, February 02, 2008

Punxsutawney Phil vs. Roxiticus Roxy: Groundhog's Day 2008

I'm getting my own Groundhog...Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning and dealt us all six more weeks of winter.

I'm going outside to discuss this matter with one of the guys who raids our tomato garden every summer.

OK, I've been out to the backyard for a Groundhog's Day 2008 interview with Roxiticus Roxy, our very own Roxiticus Valley Groundhog.  She says, "the clouds are so thick in the sky I can't get a glimpse of the sun, never mind my own shadow.  For those of you fortunate enough to live in the Roxiticus Valley (including Mendham, Chester, Bernardsville, Far Hills, Peapack-Gladstone and Bedminster, NJ), Spring is Here!  Now get online and order me up some heirloom tomato plants for my family to enjoy this summer."

Here's a link to a Punxsutawney Phil coloring page.... please instruct your child to cross out Punxsutawney Phil and proudly color Roxiticus Roxy:

As one of our visitors has noted, Canada apparently has its own answer to Punxsutawney Phil.  His name is Wiarton Willie and he did not see his shadow today.  Here is his web site.


Anonymous said...

Wiarton Willie did not see his shadow today, so spring is right around the corner, probably about six weeks away.