Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Head Games

Rex and I spent the day here in the Roxiticus Valley in the home office, and just returned home from picking up the girls at Pavan's Tennis Academy in Chester, NJ, where London takes a lesson and then plays in QuickStart tennis matches, while Maddie, who dropped out of tennis last month, does her homework and "watches something" on TV. We came home and the girls wanted to check out one of the new online gaming communities they've joined. MagNext features free online games involving magnetic spheres with style, power and a hyper sense of adventure. At first, we tried to challenge another gladiator to a game, but SuperstarJosh declined Rookies London and Maddie in favor of tougher competition. So the girls and I took the Spheron Speed Challenge and had good fun on our own.

It's all part of MagNext Virtual, an out-of-this-world community, our family's very own high tech place in space built for riding and racing, bumping and battling, chatting with friends and strutting our stuff. We cranked our virtual hot rod to a roaring speed tonight, and maybe tomorrow London and Maddie will spin a star-scraping rollercoaster out of control, Every time the girls play, they collect Magz that they can use to purchase special paint jobs, action skills and super cool gear in the Magnetz online shop. If you and your kids join Magnetz, be on the lookout for a member named RoxiticusDH and challenge London, Maddie and Roxy to the adventure of your choice.