Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Roxy's Wish List for Mother's Day 2010: Mer-Mom by Wendy McCarthy

Wendy McCarthy's new show at the Anchor & Palette Gallery in Bay Head, New Jersey, just opened last Saturday... but I've already found my "dream gift" for Mother's Day 2010. Her newest painting in the Mer-Moments series is "Mer-Mom" and it just leaves me weepy. I don't know if you can see the detail in the photo at left, but it is an absolutely HUGE canvas. The littlest mermaid in the center is sad because her sister ruined her sand castle. It reminds me sooo much of London and Maddie at the beach, with mom unable to fix the hurt.

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Mike Golch said...

great posting.

UPrinting said...

How big is this? It looks like it would be a wonderful focal point in any room. It will be the center of attention :) Love the concept and I'm sure this will really speak out to all the moms out there who know how it feels to experience something like this. Thanks!