Friday, July 24, 2009

You Don't Have To Put On the Red Light... but Maybe the Blue Light Special

Everything old is new again! Rex and I just returned home from my 25th high school reunion with a bunch of old friends from the Somerville High School Class of 1984, and what do I hear? They're bringing back Kmart Bluelight Specials tomorrow. For one day only -- Saturday, July 25th, Kmart is going to put on the blue light and we can all get special offers throughout the day on everything from grills and patio furniture to jewelry... all at Blue Light Special prices. You could stay at home, shop in your jammies at, and find great offers online.

Even though we've rented our beach house in Bay Head, New Jersey, our weekend in the Roxiticus Valley is going to be action packed. Tomorrow, we're having Grammy over for a quiet Saturday lunch, while we prepare for London and Maddie's first ever double trouble slumber party. Each girl is having one friend over to spend the night, complete with a double feature -- probably 101 Dalmatians and Beverly Hills Chihuahua -- and two kinds of popcorn. We'll also chow down on home made brownies and old fashioned smores. On Sunday morning, Rex will make a double stack of chocolate chip pancakes for the girls.

However, if you can make it out to your local Kmart store, there will be are over forty (40) exciting Blue Light Specials throughout the day in-store. Just follow @kmartdealsnnews for updates and more specials.
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Mike Golch said...

works for me.

UPrinting said...

The double trouble slumber party sounds rocking! Homemade brownies and smores and choco chip pancakes, what more can you ask for? Hope your girls had double the fun too! :)