Monday, September 21, 2009

Finders of Lost Loves: the Ex Files Update

Now, Roxy is far far too busy with work and friends and family these days to qualify as much of an online stalker, but every now and again (in between going to meetings and paying the bills), I get a little curious and Google my old friends and acquaintances, including ex boyfriends or teenage crushes as well as former coworkers or clients, to see what I can find out about them since the last time I saw or heard from each of them. Now there's a new web site called MyLife, that makes it even easier to find everyone all in one place and get all of the latest dirt when you're feeling a little nostalgic... just go to the bottom of the MyLife home page and type in the name of someone you know, along with their approximate age. I looked up Johnny Moneybags, the Spud Stud, the first boy I ever kissed, and one of my favorite old clients who I lost touch with years ago... they were all there! Now, I'm not really looking to reconnect with any of my exes, but it is a great service for the curious... Who's got twin ten year olds? Who's still single but really getting a bit too old to be considered an "eligible bachelor?" Who's dropped that bad boy behavior in the back of a Chevy van to become a minister and a "healer"? So what are you waiting for? Look up your own lost loves and report back to Roxy!!