Monday, January 11, 2010

True Companion, Won't You Reconsider Your Choice of Name?

At the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas over the weekend, True Companion (a company in nearby Lincoln Park, New Jersey -- no doubt a fan of Roxy's Best Of... New Jersey) introduced the world's first sex robot, and her name is... Roxxxy.

According to her inventor, Douglas Hines, Roxxy, the self-described world’s first sex robot, is not about sex. She’s about artificial intelligence and preserving the unique but finite personality of an individual in the potentially infinite realm of technology. For Hines, Roxxxy’s inspiration was a friend who died during the September 11th terrorist attacks. Hines said he wanted his friend’s children to grow up and still be able to interact with their father. The former Bell Technologies engineer began thinking more seriously about artificial intelligence and its implications in today’s society.

However, with the non-sexual robot companion market being pretty slim, Hines’ concept was changed in order to capitalize on the adult entertainment industry.

Hello, Roxxxy!

If she were human, Roxxxy might be described as having split personality disorder. The robot has five distinct but customizable personalities — Frigid Farrah, Wild Wendy, S&M Susan, Young (barely 18, the press release clarifies) and Mature Martha — as well as the capacity for the owner to create unique personalities. Roxxxy will react differently to physical interaction based on the personality selected. If you take Farrah’s hand, she will tell you she enjoys holding it. If you take Wendy’s hand, she’ll tell you she has a place for you to put it. Roxxy's unique personalities will be “swappable” by True Companion owners, who will have to subscribe to a monthly service. It’s basically wife swapping without the “extra implications,” Hines explained.

Remember, however, that it isn’t all about sex. (If you’re curious, though, the doll has three “input centers.”) “Sex only goes so far, then, you have to talk to the person,” Hines said. “We’re more interested in creating companions.”

Roxxxy should be able to learn her owner’s likes and dislikes, as should her male counterpart Rocky (being marketed toward gay males). Will it lead to a reduced need for girlfriends and boyfriends? Only time — and men willing to pay a price point of $7,000 and up — will tell.


Spicybugz said...

Sitting here with my mouth hanging open..trying hard not to laugh my butt off!!!

Carico said...

Very strange. I love how he got this doll from the Sept 11th attack. I am sure his friend would be proud. Interesting concept but talk about a hefty price tag. I would be interested to see how this technology will impact the adult industry

Fyzal said...

why use robot? LOL

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Giving Gal said...

O.k. That's just scary