Monday, January 25, 2010

Terrorism in Roxy's Hometown: Branchburg, New Jersey

Back in December, before the school holidays, police arrested two teenagers who had planned a Columbine-like attack on Bridgewater Raritan High School and Immaculata High School (down the street from my alma mater in Somerville, NJ). As far as I know, that story never made national headlines, perhaps because they caught the would be murderers before they succeeded in their plan.

Tonight, I learned that the Branchburg Police (the same guys who show up to help my 84-year-old mom no matter how many times she falls and dislocates her hip) seized a grenade launcher and weapons cache from the Red Mill Inn motel room of a creepy terrorist-type after (thankfully) someone reported suspicious activity at the Quik-Chek convenience store on Route 28. Suspicious? I'd say! At the time of his arrest, Woodson was wearing a military-style ballistic vest with a reinforced steel plate and carrying a .223-caliber assault rifle that had been altered to fire .50-caliber ammunition. He was also carrying four loaded magazines with hollow-point ammunition.

Branchburg police confronted Woodson at 3:55 a.m. at the Quik-Chek convenience store on Route 28 after receiving a call reporting a suspicious person. Branchburg Patrolman Steven Cronce noticed a large bulge beneath the green, military-style jacket that Woodson was wearing, which was later determined to be the assault rifle with a defaced serial number. Woodson appeared "extremely nervous" as Cronce questioned him, and he ultimately ran from the convenience store toward the Regency Trailer Park on Route 22, Forrest. Officers found Woodson hiding in the bushes and he attempted to run, officers tackled him and used pepper spray to subdue Woodson. Nice work, guys...Branchburg's finest, we salute you!

Detectives later searched Woodson’s room at the Red Mill Inn on Route 22 and found weapons including a .308-caliber semi-automatic assault rifle with a defaced serial number, a grenade launcher, hundreds .50-caliber and .308-caliber rounds, a police scanner, and the maps of a U.S. military installation and an out-of-state civilian community. Woodson, who is a Navy veteran, had been staying at the hotel since last week. Investigators also found Middle Eastern red and white traditional headdress.

What I want to know is what the hell the guy was doing in Branchburg, New Jersey??

Check out the whole story at the Star-Ledger's


Editing Luke said...

Wow, that's pretty scary to say the least. Some people are just plain nuts!

The Prince of Centraxis said...

A navy veteran...
Does this make it a false flag operation?
Why are simplistic criminal acts or actions of insane people labelled as 'terrorism'?
To make more profits for weaponmakers?