Thursday, August 18, 2005

Conversations with the Sex Therapist

The other day I went to a "lunch bunch" at the kids' opportunity for returning families to meet and greet the new families that would be joining the school in the fall.

I was buddied up with two different mother/daughter combos who would be in my younger daughter's class, and my role was to answer any questions they might have about the school. One subject that came up was volunteering, what types of things are the best to sign up for. Based on my prior experience of consuming a little too much wine at last year's Toddler Tea and volunteering to be on the "Toddler Art" team for the fundraising auction and subsequently remembering that I have no artistic ability, I suggested that they peruse the laundry list of opportunities and choose something that matches with their skill sets. One of my new buddies remarked, "My husband and I have volunteered to lecture. He will lecture on how not to need a lawyer from a lawyer's perspective, and I will lecture on healthy sexuality for children. So I say, "I guess your husband is a lawyer; what is it that you do?" She responds, "I am a sexual therapist."

And now, dear readers, I want you to note that, with remarkable restraint, and for fear of saying something I shouldn't, I remained silent....which gave the other nice mom next to me the opportunity to ask, "so you work with children??!!". So there was enough of her foot to fit in her mouth and to share with the entire lunch bunch!

Anyway, we are all eagerly looking forward to the upcoming lecture, when desperate housewives will try to fit their personal sexual issues into questions that sound like they are related to their children's healthy sexuality....any suggestions?


: JustaDog said...

Gee - have you considered private schools?

RoxiticusDH said...

Oh...I actually meant humorous suggestions about what the desperate housewives might ask during the lecture! The next two years of private pre-school are my last ever of private school.

--josh-- said...

"How old should a child be before heavy petting is OK?"