Friday, August 12, 2005


When we lived in New York, we had neighbors on our floor who had children similar in age to our toddler daughters. The little girl down the hall had coined the term "noonie" for the female genitalia, and our girls stuck with it. Her mom told me, "I don't know how long we should wait before we teach her the correct words for it, you know, the V and the P word." And I thought, and should have asked, for now I'll never know..."what do you mean, vagina and PUSSY?"

(I think I may have shocked some of our new friends with that story last night, but, well, that's who I am, and I was, after all, talking under the influence -- see below)


Brent said...

Geez, Bree, this posting is so naughty! My boyfriend Zack and I always cringe when we hear that P-word. We much prefer "muff."

RoxiticusDH said...

My sister and her girls always called it a "snoof." But that doesn't start with "P."

brent said...

"Snoof" must be a blend of "snatch" and "muff," pronounced with a french accent. Your sister and her girls must be very clever and witty folks.