Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Jane Austen and the Allman Brothers

From Jane Austen's Emma:

"Emma was aware that great must be the difference between a Mrs. Weston only half a mile from them, and a Miss Taylor in the house."

From the Allman Brothers' No One to Run With:

"Well Tony got a job, three kids and a lovely wife
Working at the CommerceBank for the rest of his life
Nobody left to run with anymore
Nobody wants to do the crazy things we used to do before
Nobody left to run with anymore"

I dedicate this post to one of my best high school girlfriends -- Melissa, a Jersey Girl who lamented the very same thing... but by the time she packed her stuff and got right out of here to the Left Coast, she was married and working hard on children rather than looking for someone to run with anymore.

Certainly Ellyn would agree with the Austen/Allman sentiments as she has given up on each of her girlfriends as we each, in turn, married and ceased being the "cool friends" she once had. ("Of course I didn't return your call. I knew you were calling to say you were -- circle one -- getting married or pregnant") I will have to look back at my journals during my "single years" (1991-1995)... I doubt that I made any vows to continue to go out drinking and dancing with the girls every weekend after finding Mr. Right. I do remember thirtysomething being my ideal of how things could/should work, with Michael/Hope as the central couple with single and married (and eventually divorced) friends all floating comfortably in and out of their home, bringing bagels on Sunday mornings. I think I can safely say it only works on TV.

I know for certain that marriage and children make my writing less interesting, but I'd rather be married and less interesting than single and soul-searching. The days when I would go on dates for the sole purpose of amusing my friends with stories afterwards are over. I will, however, commit to working on the "less interesting" part so my dear readers will have something to look forward to on these pages.


supermom said...

Thirtysomething...that was my favorite show!! I thought my life was going to be like that too. Unfortuantely, for awhile it was more like ER meets Little House on the Prarie. I have my circle of friends, but we are all so busy we usually connect via internet or phone. We all have significant others, kids and all their extra-curricular activities. It keeps us all very busy...

--josh-- said...

However, no one-- NO ONE!-- had bad date stories that were half as amusing to their friends as Bree did in her single daze. How fondly do I remember "Skank Number Two."

Ah, and wings at Possible Twenty...