Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Maddie!!

March Madness, I tell you... our sweet little Maddie turns eight (8) today!!

Maddie and I baked 40 brownies to share with her second grade classmates at Mendham Township Elementary School. We're celebrating with dinner tonight at Jam Cafe (formerly Limestone Cafe) in Peapack, NJ, then again on Saturday night with a very small slumber party (three friends are sleeping over) with four great themes: dogs, skulls, basketball, and rock stars. Our cake lady, Carol Falcone of As You Like It cakes, is baking another amazing birthday cake (featuring a cockapoo playing basketball and wearing a pink bandana)... Carol baked a Nemo cake for Maddie's 2nd birthday party in 2004 when we had just moved to the Roxiticus Valley from NYC.

While I can't believe my baby girl is eight years old, Maddie is already counting the days until her 16th birthday, when she can audition to be the next American Idol... though she and her girl band, the Butter Bites, are probably better suited to Simon Cowell's new show, the X Factor, which allows groups, not just solo performers, to compete.


Mariuca said...

Happy Birthday pretty baby! I can't wait to see Maddie in action on AI ha ha! Love and hugs! :)

Jason said...

Happy Birthday Maddie! Nothing better than kids making music. We're sending Stella to rock camp for a week this summer. I'm working very hard to get her into cool music at a young age. She already requests King Crimson by name (and Beck, only she calls him "two turntables and a microphone"), knows that John Bonham was the drummer for Led Zeppelin, and that Peter Gabriel was the singer for Genesis back when they were good.

RoxiticusDH said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! You and Stella rock a bit harder than our girls do...London and Maddie lean heavily towards current pop and a bit of country, but do have Springsteen, Tom Petty, Kate Bush, the Stones, Peter Gabriel/Genesis and the Buggles on their pink iPod nanos.

Jason said...

I'm sure once Stella discovers current pop she'll be into it, but I'm working at a mad pace to get her enough of a musical palette to think it's lame.

Did you see my latest post with her playing the harmonica?