Monday, April 26, 2010

Music Monday: Needy Dog Song

Our family had a terrific Saturday of softball games. Maddie started our day at 9am with her instructional league game (Mets vs. Phillies). London was the starting pitcher for the first time ever, she had one RBI, and her team tied, 6-6. On Saturday night, Rex and I rocked with our friends and the Meathooks at the Mendham Little League fundraiser while the girls stayed home with their favorite babysitter.

Then Sunday turned rainy and we headed to Grandmom's house to visit and to Petco to start to prepare for our as-yet-unborn cockapoo puppy, who London and Maddie hope to bring home from the breeder in early July. The girls picked out a pet carrier for our car trip home from the breeder and our frequent trips to the beach in Bay Head, NJ. They're taking their clean-up responsibilities seriously with a purse-styled carrier for "business bags," and selected a few special toys to get started. We've been reading books, watching videos, and doing local research on veterinarians, dog walkers/sitters, and in-home training services for the whole family. I even laughed out loud when I found out that the most recent Dog Whisperer episode is called "Desperate Housedogs."

Our whole family is on board, and London and Maddie show the early signs of being calm, assertive pack leaders who project gentle, positive energy and are working hard to learn what to do and what not to do (we watched "Marley and Me" for some bad role modeling). Since we can't seem to get our minds off puppies, this week's Music Monday post is the Needy Dog Song... Enjoy!

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Mariuca said...

Happy MM sweetie! :)

Mariuca said...

Excited to see ur new fluffy doggie too, hope it's a small fluffy one he he!! :)

Luxury Brooklyn apartments & condos said...

I love dogs! And how cool is it that you will bring one home soon. Take care of it well and please dont pamper them too much. I am sick of seeing pooches that are so moody, it turns meoff.