Thursday, April 01, 2010

Uncle Joe Lives On In Our Memories

My Uncle Joe passed away back in January, but continues to live on in our memories in a number of different ways. Just before he died, Uncle Joe gave Maddie a blue devil plush toy, and every time I see her sleeping curled up with it I smile and remember him. I have also committed to investing his inheritance in a family pet... London and Maddie will grow up knowing that Uncle Joe made it possible for them to have the cockapoo puppy we hope to bring home at the end of June.

My sister has made arrangements for a true veteran's burial at Arlington National Cemetery, so we've decided to make our first family trip to Washington, DC in July. We'll spend a couple of days with London and Maddie discovering the nation's capitol...the monuments, the museums, a little bit of history. Then we'll say goodbye to Uncle Joe one last time at Arlington National Cemetery and pay loving tribute to a great man with a ceremony with full military honors, complete with a bugler and gun salute he deserves.


Jason said...

Sorry to hear about Uncle Joe. A full military funeral at Arlington is definitely an honorable and reverent way to say goodbye.

As I lived in our nation's capitol for many years, please let me know if you want some tips on where to eat and lesser known things to see.

Erik said...

I don't get to visit your blog nearly as often as I like. I wanted to extend my condolences for your Uncle Joe. Much love and good energy.