Monday, April 26, 2010

Where Was I Going, and Where Are My Shoes?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NAVTEQ. All opinions are 100% mine.

A long, long, time ago, at my first job out of college and well before I could blame old age for my addled confusion, I used to wander down the hall, muttering, "Where was I going, and where are my shoes?" These days, there's technology to solve that problem... electronic calendars, to do lists, and navigation systems. My family got used to having a nav system during the two or three years we leased a Jeep.... we named her Firehead. Our Acadia didn't come with a navigation system installed, so I bought one for Rex for his birthday... we named her Jolie. However, even the shiniest new gizmo won't get Roxy where she's going if my maps are out of date. Naturally, if I can forget to update things like my car registration or driver's license (it expires in October this year and I have to visit the evil DMV lady to get a new picture taken), you can only guess how out of date my maps are and how challenging it may be to navigate my life. My nav system is so out of date that Jolie keeps shouting out that we should turn onto Brady Drive, a road that hasn't existed since Diamond Jim Brady lived in Peapack (he died in 1917).

During NAVTEQ’s Map Update Month, the friendly people over at NAVTEQ, the company whose technology and maps power most GPS and in-car navigation systems, are trying to raise awareness of the importance of updating your system's maps, and the availability of updates for all GPS and in-car navigation systems powered by NAVTEQ. According to a recent NAVTEQ Navigation Benefits Study, updating your system's maps will maintain the optimum performance of your system and could help you save time (they say a traffic-enabled GPS device can save you 4 days of driving time!), save on fuel and reduce your CO2 emissions, and find the best roadside options... all of these benefits can help you save up to $200 a year just by using an up-to-date navigation device.

Whether it's a softball field we've never played on before right here in the Roxiticus Valley, the most scenic route for our family's summer trip to Washington, DC, or a client's closing dinner in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, we rely on our GPS to take us there. I'm going to visit to update my maps in the month of May. We'll be driving with confidence in no time... and there are at least three pairs of shoes in the back of the Acadia.

Visit my sponsor: May is Map Update Month for many GPS Systems


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But I take my iPhone in the car.