Friday, April 16, 2010

Roxy's Reader's Digest Thought for the Day

My family makes fun of me for having Reader's Digest syndrome.... I can't seem to stop myself from doling out little bits of advice and anecdotes from the Reader's Digest each month. I've read the magazine since I was London and Maddie's age, and my mom continues to send me a gift subscription for my birthday every year. This morning, I was struck by a quote from a Reader's Digest interview with Michael J. Fox, and felt compelled to share it with all of you.

Reader's Digest: Share some advice on parenting that begins with "Always..."
Michael J. Fox: Always be available to your kids. Because if you say, "Give me five minutes, give me ten minutes," it'll be 15, it'll be 20. And then when you get there, the shine will have worn off whatever it is they wanted to share with you.

I was struck by the truth of those words... I'm totally guilty of the "give me five minutes" and from now on I am going to make a greater effort to be there in the moment for London and Maddie.


Mariuca said...

I loved Family Ties esp the theme song he he!! And very good words from Michael J Fox! Enjoy ur weekend, hugs! :)