Saturday, June 20, 2009


I found a teeny tiny frog outside in the rain the other day and brought it inside to live with London and Maddie's hermit crabs. While our Froggy is greenish brownish with spots -- our nanny thinks it is called a "pickerel," quite a few frogs have come into our lives lately, including the Big Old Frog making loud noises out by our swimming pool and the cute BluFrog in the picture on your left. Unlike our new pet, BluFrog is a bold new energy drink loaded with naturally good, better-for-your-bod ingredients -- organic fruits, hard core vitamins and herbs, and radical superfood nutrients in a proprietary Limu blend that makes the Blu Frog unique.

I've been lamenting my lack of energy lately, so maybe what I need is a dose of the pure outrageous energy of Blu Frog...cranking up the volume to give Roxy a leg up on performance, endurance and concentration. What I need is Froggy's fierce fusion of health and energy to turbo-charge my inner frog and jump start my activities -- from catchin’ a wave at our beach house in Bay Head, NJ, keeping up with London and Maddie and their friends, or just chillaxin’ in our backyard with friends all night long.

Click on the link or the Froggy in the picture to check out the amazing prizes you can win by Tweeting or Ribitting about it...