Sunday, June 21, 2009

London's Twilight Book Club Music Monday: Say You Will by Carmireli

As the school year was drawing to a close, London and two of her second grade girl friends decided to start a book club to read and discuss the Stephanie Meyer novel, "Twilight." I started to preview the book myself, since I feel strongly that just because London can read books on a high school reading level doesn't mean she should...there's a lot of stuff that goes on in high school that can certainly wait until they get there. As it turned out, the girls decided they couldn't finish the book in class by the end of the year, so London and I have started our own Twilight Book Club at home... and I am hooked. I ended up buying the Complete Twilight Saga Box Set for the two of us to share. Once we finish the first book in the Twilight Saga, we'll have to rent or buy the Twilight DVD.

I started searching YouTube for a video I could share with all of you for Music Monday, and found this one, which uses a song I had never heard -- "Say You Will" by Carmireli. Enjoy!

You saw right through me
When I asked if you believed
I don’t wanna know

You knew when we touched
I held my breath till I had enough
I don’t wanna go

So I stand here with eyes closed
Without you here for me to hold
You close I can’t breathe I
I need you here to let me know

Can you save me from the shadows
Can you take me from this world I know
Can you wait here just to fight for us
Fight for all we have to trust
Don’t stop now don’t back down
I don’t care if you scream aloud
Just lie to me and say you will
Say you will

I fell completely
The moment I looked in your eyes
I won’t let you go no

I lie here with eyes closed
Without you here for me to hold
You close I can’t move I
I need you now to let me know


And you told me we could have it all someday
That you would wait for me
If only you could know the tears I’ve cried
Then maybe you could see
You said you cared but now I fear
Our love was wasted along the way
But you told me not to be afraid be afraid

So tell me you can hold on
And make me believe


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LadyJava said...


LadyJava said...

Will come back in a while Roxy!!
Happy MM!

bem69 said...

Oh, now I know where this song is from. I've heard it a number of times on the radio. Haha sorry I haven't watched Twilight yet.

Anyway, Happy MM!

Lily Arbee said...

Happy Music Monday from Lil!

Nice song. Have a great week. Cheers!

Later, come visit my blog, ok?

nancy said...

Haven't watch twilight yet too but i already heard this song a few times. Great one!

Color Printing said...

I haven't watched nor read any of the Twilight books, sadly. I have nothing against it, I'm just not into genres like that. So how would you rate the book and movie?

Mariuca said...

Morning Roxy! I haven been dropping ec past 2 days, too busy and lazy as well ha ha! Happy MM sweetie! :)

Mariuca said...

Thanks for advertising at Mariuca today, hugs! :)

Apple said...

the book is better than the movie and the song is even better! If you want an impossible love story movie for a Friday night - this is the one! Don't forget about some chocolates! :)