Friday, June 19, 2009


My loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers know our pet situation... Maddie wants a dog more than anything in the world (check out Maddie's blog -- I Love Dogs and So Do You dot blogspot dot com), but her sister, London, is allergic. So for the time being, we've settled for hermit crabs and a teeny tiny frog I found near our house yesterday. Last Christmas, our friends Susan and Mike got an adorable labrador retriever puppy (see Tana at about 10 weeks old in the photo on the right) but over the past six months, Tana has grown up into a giant shedder... itching and scratching and leaving a trail of dog fur behind everywhere she goes. Until I learned about Dinovite, I thought all dogs naturally shed all the time, but according to their solutions center , healthy dogs, no matter what their breed, shouldn't shed year round. The reason so many dogs are problem shedders is that commercial dog food, cooked at extremely high temperatures, loses many of the important nutrients a dog needs to be healthy, so a lot of pets are missing out on necessary vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, beneficial bacteria and essential fatty acids. Dinovite's nutritional supplements can put an end to nutritional deficiencies and minimize the shedding.

Dinovite is guaranteed to work, and if we could avoid the shedding, maybe London wouldn't have such an allergic reaction to dogs... I think we'd go for a hypo allergenic Cockapoo or Portuguese Water Dog like the First Dog frolicking in the White House with the Obamas, but look out, Froggy, you may be getting a furry companion!



Color Printing said...

Cool! I'm a big fan of dogs as well, in fact I have two! A labrador and a lhasa apso. Shedding is really a big concern, especially if you have asthmatic cousins like I do! Will definitely keep your post in mind! Good luck, and maybe someday you'd get a furry friend in your home with the allergic reactions and all :)