Saturday, June 06, 2009

Maddie's Incredible Kid Day

As the 2008-2009 school year comes to an end, Mrs. Brown's first grade class at Mendham Township Elementary School is planning a final celebration. On Friday, June 12th, we will celebrate "Incredible Kid Day." To prepare for "Incredible Kid Day," all of the parents were asked to take some time to reflect and think about why we feel our child is unique and truly incredible. For this special day, Rex and I will share our thoughts with Maddie by writing a special letter to her telling why we think she is "incredible." As I started writing in earnest, Maddie wanted to know why I was getting all mushy and teary-eyed. We will read our letters to Maddie in class on "Incredible Kid Day," but I've decided to post mine here as well:

On the day you burst out into the world, I was filled with so much joy and love that I thought you couldn’t be much more incredible…but as you’ve grown up to be an almost second grader, I’ve discovered that you grow more incredible with each passing day, week, and year. Maddie, you are INCREDIBLE!
I think you’re incredible, and love you because you’re the one and only you… the unforgettable Maddie!
Naughty but nice, with that sweet mischievous grin that tells me you’ll never be in trouble for long. Remember when you forged that note from mommy excusing you from math lab with Mrs. Fuller? I can’t wait to see how this fun-loving approach will play out when you get to middle school and high school.
Creative. I love the unique projects you come up with, pulling together your favorite photos and writing stories about them. I can’t wait to teach you how to do more on the computer, since you’re already building upon the basics that Mr. Gallo teaches in technology class. At school, you work so hard at reading, writing and spelling and you’re turning out to be a real math whiz. I’ve been so proud of you as you master double-digit addition and subtraction, learning to tell time, and counting money… at school and in “real life.”
Rock Star, dancer and choreographer, singing Hannah Montana and High School musical faves with your all girl basement band, the Butter Bites. You’re the only first grader I know who is writing her own songs and choreographing dance moves for performances for family and friends, and one day the Disney Channel and the world!
Entrepreneur at the beach…the way you and London have been painting and selling seashells down by the seashore for 25 cents each since Memorial Day 2007 is impressive. You and your sister have earned over $300 towards Kit’s American Girl tree house, way too many Webkinz and your college savings plan….not to mention the friends and “fan club” who stop by our beach house every weekend to paint with you and admire your beautiful painted shells.
Daddy’s girl and sous chef. You’ve been cooking with your dad since you were a preschooler at Westmont Montessori… Santa really knew what he was doing when he brought you a set of your very own kitchen tools and ingredients for Christmas.
Incredibly poised, a graceful ballerina, and an agile gymnast
Big smiles that you give me every day… when I wake you up in the morning and tuck you in at night, and everywhere in between.
Loving sister and loyal friend to all your friends, old and new. You and your sister, London, have been best friends ever since she greeted you on your first night home from Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, and the love that the two of you share is just incredible. You’re also a loyal friend to many new buddies from your kindergarten and first grade classes. You’ve kept up your friendship with Izzy from Westmont Montessori, and when you get together it’s like you were just working on a project together yesterday…chat chat chat!
Even if you couldn’t do any of these things, Maddie, I’d still find you to be an incredible kid. Just by being yourself, you fill my life and our home with happiness and love…and that’s pretty darn incredible.
-- Love, Mom


Online Printing said...

This is a cute blog! The blog picture is so adorable as well. I wish I could have a baby who's so cute like that.

Color Printing said...

Such a sweet and wonderful letter to your Maddie! The love and affection you have for her is really reflected in this letter. This is definitely something for her to treasure. I love your final bit, on how just by being herself, she's filled your life with happiness and love. So touching! An incredible letter from an equally incredible mom.

Anonymous said...

Children should be told every day how special they are to us. That's our job, to rear confident, responsible adults will contribute to society's greater good. But let's face it folks, some of your children are not that special and contrary to what we may think not every kid in Mendham Township is gifted! My generation of Moms has done this group of children a great disservice which explains why so many of our kids aren't able to hack the first year of college and are home by Christmas! (So glad to see my obscenely high school tax dollars hard at work....) Many of these kids have never heard the word NO or have had to deal with disappointment. They'll never have to deal with consequences because M&D are always there to meet w/ the Pricipal to demand a higher grade even though Janie didn't study for the test or lawyer Johnnie up when he is facing a DWI. Oh, and if you think that pouring more of my hard-earned dollars into school taxes is getting our kids a better education, then think again. MHS's status is dropping like a stone year after year on the Newsweek Best High Schools list - it used to be in the Top 50 nationally, now it's heading for 200! The real reason why Maddie gets into a good school may have less to do w/ her grades and test scores and more to do w/ your (affluent)zip code: it's amazing what you learn from an Ivy League Admission person after they've had a few too many Mojitos....To quote Bill Cosby: Wake Up People!