Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hallelujah! Hilltop Presbyterian in Mendham Gets A New Pastor

Tomorrow (Sunday, May 3, 2009) following the 9:30 am service at Hilltop Presbyterian Church in Mendham, NJ, a Special Meeting of the Congregation will be held to receive a report from the Pastor Nominating Committee nominating Reverend Robert Bob Heppenstall III for pastor and head of staff. Reverend Heppenstall will be preaching at the 9:30 am service. Following the service a meeting will be held to vote on the nominee and the terms of the pastoral call.

Rex, London, Maddie and I met the new pastor at a "meet and greet" at Hilltop House this afternoon, and hope that the vote tomorrow morning will be a positive one.


Mike Golch said...

I hope things work out good for all.