Friday, May 01, 2009

Imelda Marcos Haiku

Too thin, too rich, or
Have too many pairs of shoes
"Never!" Imelda

Who was it that said, "You can never be too thin, too rich, or have too many pairs of shoes?" I don't actually know the answer, maybe Imelda Marcos? London Tipton? Anyway, I was inspired by the combination of this online find and last night's Art and Poetry Night at Mendham Township Elementary School to write the quickie haiku and share it with all of you.

Anyway, you can find some crazy things online... check out these pink snake peep toe sling back platform heels. The description on the Ami Clubwear web site promises me a faux snake skin (When's the last time you saw a snake that color? Certainly not in the Somerset County 4-H reptile club!) upper in a platform heel style with a peep toe, crisscross vamp strap, and sling back strap with elastic band. 1 1/4 inch two tone platform, 5 1/2 inch wood like heel. Five and one half inch heels... ladies, that would take Roxy well over six feet tall and I would fall on my sweet, pear shaped a** (I feel another haiku coming on) if I ever tried to wear five and a half inch heels, even for a minute.

Fell on my sweet a**
In a pair of pink snake heels
Still shaped like a pear

It's Friday night, and we're kicking back in the Roxiticus Valley with some family poetry and five star songs on the iPod, staying up north this rainy weekend. What are your plans?