Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Officially Started with an Awesome Memorial Day Weekend

Rex and I just dropped the girls off a little late for school after driving back from our beach house in Bay Head, NJ. We had such a perfect weekend that I missed Music Monday and didn't even turn on my computer for three days... but now we're back, with lots to report on our favorite Bay Head and Roxiticus Valley summer fun. I'm energized for a busy work week, and will hope to catch up on my posting in the midnight hour. Hope all of you had a terrific weekend!


Anonymous said...

Roxy, Ive read you for quite some time through BE, but never been able to comment before now (the word verification always showed up as a dreaded red x coming to you through BE)

Just wanted to say hello!

Color Printing said...

Hi! Glad you had an awesome Memorial Day weekend. Everyone seemed to have had a wonderful time :) Looking forward to reading your next Music Monday post. Thanks!