Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Feeling a Little Remote?

I just tore through Richard Russo's new novel, "That Old Cape Magic" over the past weekend at the beach. Loved it. Despite his off-colorful language (mid-effing-western, for example), my 84-year-old mother adores Richard Russo, so Rex and I stopped by my mom's house on our way home from a business trip to Philadelphia yesterday to lend the new book to her. My mom's only disappointment will be that Paul Newman won't have the starring role in the movie. One of the main character's fatal flaws, if you will, was that he was a little remote... Griffin wanted to keep not only his parents, but his wife's large family, out of their life as a couple. "A little remote" is a description that I think also applies to me, though certainly not in the extreme of Richard Russo's protagonist (antagonist?). If only I did needlepoint, you'd find my carefully stitched motto at the entrance to our Bay Head beach house: "Fish and visitors stink after two days." I love to have our friends and family visit at the beach, but I get too stressed out when required to entertain for more than one night.

At the same time, it is certainly time to eliminate multiple remotes in our household. You can see from the photo that we have four just for the family room. With a beach house come visitors, and with technology come remotes…lots and lots of remotes. One for the HDTV, one for the stereo, one for the evil Comcastic cable overlords, one for the DVD, even though I can't seem to get it hooked up quite right...…and while technology is good, the half-dozen remotes needed to turn on Roxy's TV really aren’t. Luckily, Yamaha has found the solution with its ground-breaking neoHD, a new device that simplifies your entire entertainment system: one remote, one on-screen interface, gives Roxy complete control. Talk about ease of use! Just push a button on the new Yamaha neoHD and your visitors realize it's time to pack their bags.

If this sounds like a great invention to you, check out neoHD on Facebook and enter the Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of your own... by Tweeting: “I just entered to win a #neoHD b/c I have too many remotes, visit ( to enter” Be sure to leave me a comment here at Roxiticus Desperate Houewives letting me know if you're going to enter the contest, and why you desperately need the new neoHD.