Monday, August 24, 2009

Giants or Jets?

Living in the New York metro area, what makes someone a Jets fan or a Giants fan?

Despite the fact that the Giants and the Jets share a stadium in New Jersey, I think the divide tends to be that Giants fans live in New Jersey, and Jets fans live in New York, which of course includes Manhattan and Long Island. So while Rex's sons favor the New York Jets and make it to all of the games, I'm a lifelong "New Jersey" Giants fan... although I should be quick to confess that, as a teenage girl, I favored the teams with the cutest quarterbacks, with a weakness for Vince Ferragamo and the Rams (until those embarrassing Jordache jeans commercials) and Norris Weese and the Denver Broncos.

As we head into the new football season, it's time to review the outlook for "my team." Of course, whether you're a Jets or Giants fan (or Patriots or Rams fan, for that matter), you can use WaiverWire and sign up for "The Stimulus Package," a free tool to get all of the latest player stats and research reports. On August 14th, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning finally signed the six-year extension that will make him the NFL's highest paid player with an average salary of roughly $15.3 million. As a Jersey girl and Giants fan, Roxy can only hope he'll prove to be worth the big bucks. So Eli knows who he'll be throwing the ball for, and hopes that he'll find some key receivers who will be catching it for successful touchdown passes. I'm liking David Tyree, the wide receiver from my alma mater, Syracuse University, and running back Brandon Jacobs from Southern Illinois.

Right now, though, I can't think about the leaves changing colors, even if it comes with quarterbacks in tight pants... Rex, London, Maddie and I are headed out to the beach to enjoy the last two weeks of summer!