Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed... and Bill Gates' Dog Is Carrying It In His Teeth

I must apologize for being a terrible correspondent for the past few weeks. Quite some time ago, I wrote about my HP Pavillion DV9200 notebook computer breaking for the second time in about six months.

Well, we all joked about it and I got quite a bit of sympathy from my blogosphere buddies, but the eagle landed last Friday and my computer came back to me from Hewlett Packard technical support and customer service in California. It seemed too good and too quick to be true...

and after just under a week of reloading all of my programs and profiles and personal stuff back onto the machine, it crashed. Again. Today. At work.

If it weren't so sad and pathetic, it would be funny. Sitcom funny. Seinfeld funny. The message I got when the computer wouldn't reboot said something like, "Your computer cannot be repaired (automatically) and won't restart. Ever. Again."


Anonymous said...

Though the incident was very unfortunate, the wording couldn't have been more humorous and picturesque.