Wednesday, April 29, 2009

There Goes A Manta-Ray... Here Comes A Bikini Whale!!

In flew a sea robin... watch out for that piranha! Now that I've got your attention with some of my favorite 80's lyrics from the B-52's Rock Lobster, I thought I would let you know that SeaWorld Orlando's newest attraction, Manta, is opening this May. When you go to SeaWorld Orlando and ride Manta, the only flying roller coaster of its kind in the world, you'll find out what it's like to spin, glide, skim and fly like a giant manta ray. The new ride represents a seamless blend of up close animal encounters with a head-first, face-down thrill ride. I haven't been to SeaWorld in about 20 years, but this might be the year to take London and Maddie. To celebrate the opening of Manta, SeaWorld is running an awesome contest where Roxy, Rex, London and Maddie (or you and your family) could win a "front-of-the-line" pass to Manta at SeaWorld Orlando.

Even though I don't always do so well on thrill rides, particularly if they spin or go upside down, our family is already in it to win it. If you'd like to join us for your chance at the prize, all you have to do is visit the Ride Manta web site, check out the cool video of the ride and be sure to click on the Participate and Win section. Go through all six (6) different activities -- including the Manta Quiz and Manta Mask -- and jump in and participate to get your family's VIP pass and step to the front of the line.