Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ready for the Weekend and London and Maddie's Spring Break

OK, I admit it is only Thursday night, but it has felt like a very long and busy week for me. One of our meetings was energizing and productive, but I still find it draining to commute in to New York City every day. So when London brought home a note from her second grade teacher that said, "No homework tonight. Have a great Spring Break!" it put me in a relaxation frame of mind.

Granted, Rex and I are working all next week instead of heading off to Laguna Beach and Disneyland, but I will be working from home most days and Mary Alice and her family, who moved away to Southern California at the end of last summer, are coming to visit us! So all of the Roxiticus Desperate Housewives, husbands, and children will be reunited on Sunday afternoon and evening, just like old times. And who's to say I can't surprise Rex afterwards by slipping into a little sexy lingerie (this little Dr. Reys Support Corset number is on sale at Sears right now) after our guests depart for the night and we tuck the girls in after bedtime stories? Tonight on my way home, I was listening to my XM Satellite Eighties on 8 (yes, I know I'm stuck in the 80s, but I'm so happy there!) and I heard Tone Loc singing "I like to do the Wild Thing" and the B52's with "Love Shack." Love shack, baby!

If you're thinking what I'm thinking, you'll be glad to hear that Sears is offering 75 to 80% off their original prices on fall and winter apparel from now until Saturday, April 18th. A little something in next year's sizes for London and Maddie, a little something for Rex, and a really little silky slinky next to nothing for Roxy... and it will all be on sale for next to nothing!

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