Thursday, April 30, 2009

For Those Who Always Rock... We Salute You!

It is bedtime here in the Roxiticus Valley, but not before I dash off a quick post saluting two terrific teachers, Mrs. Bizzarro and Mrs. Picerno, who presented an amazing Art & Poetry Night at Mendham Township Elementary School.

Since Rex was flying home from Washington, DC tonight, he missed out on all the fun. There was plenty of glue and colorful paints and lots of Sharpies (fistfuls of permanent markers, I tell you, permanent!!)... London, Maddie and I had a blast with lots of our friends at MTES, who came together from 6:30pm until 8:30pm to combine art and poetry in four different projects:

  • Inkblot cinquains
  • Chinese brush painting and haiku ("Oh mom, pleeeeeease stop repeating the haiku about the lady with pink hair!!")
  • Poetry on a colorful "bag" ("If I were blue, I would be..."); and
  • Poetry spinners

Over the weekend, I'm going to try to photograph London and Maddie's projects (their inkblots are still drying) and post them here, and I'll also try to provide better descriptions of the evening's activities, as I know I have not done them justice tonight.

I also want to note that I've been corresponding privately with a mom of two boys who is considering a move to Mendham Township this summer, and I wish you could have been at MTES tonight, you'd have been completely sold on our wonderful teachers and community of friendly kids and down-to-earth parents (only a tiny fraction of whom stay up late at night posting naughty haiku on their blogs).


Scotty said...

sounds like you are fortunate enough to have your kids in a wonderful learning community... cheers!