Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Queen of the Stem Cells

Lately, I've been posting quite a bit here on Roxiticus Desperate Housewives about the benefits of "banking" stem cells. Having done it when both of my daughters, London and Maddie, were born many years ago, I am a true believer in the importance of this "insurance policy" against future family health risks. There are a couple of different methods for collecting these stem cells. Your obstetrician or midwife can help you to do it as part of the childbirth/delivery process, collecting the stem cells from your newborn's umblical cord blood and storing them. Or, if you're not pregnant and don't plan to be, C'elle offers a kit for women (sorry guys) to collect and save the potentially life saving stem cells found naturally in monthly menstrual blood. Thanks to C'elle's patent-pending technology and easy to use collection kit, you and your family will have an extra level of reassurance and peace of mind.

Particularly if you have a family history of stroke, diabetes, heart disease or breast cancer or if you often worry about future health problems, why not change your future by acting in the present? For a limited time, C'elle is offering Roxiticus Desperate Housewives loyal readers an affordable way to protect your future. Enroll with C'elle now for only $299 (that's a $400 discount off the regular price!) by using promo code CN400.



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