Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coming Next Week: Great News for Dummies

While this Roxiticus Desperate Housewives blog runs on Google's Blogger platform, I've often publicly lamented the negatives of being a prisoner to The Man. Of course, my most loyal readers know that I've broken free and taken control of my most valuable content with my Roxy's Best Of... blogging empire (roxysbestof dot com), a self-hosted community of local information/directory sites that leverages the awesome power of the WordPress MU (multi-user) platform to help local readers find the best kid stuff, restaurants, home services, personal and professional services, events and entertainment in a town near you.

For those of you considering a switch to a self-hosted WordPress web site, I have some great news. If I can take the liberty of calling all of us dummies when it comes to the ins and outs of the latest technology, I can share the good news that my fabulous Roxy's Best Of... web designer, Lisa Sabin Wilson, has updated her book, WordPress for Dummies, and it is due out next week. Don't worry, I'll post the links to Lisa's new book on Amazon the minute this terrific guide to WordPress is available to ship.

The second bit of good news I have for you is that there's a web site that will help you to avoid all of the time consuming research I had to do to find the right web host. provides free Web Hosting Reviews so you can find the web host that best meets your needs. You'll find independent, unbiased reviews of the top web hosting services. The top hosts offer a free domain name and a guarantee. Once you've chosen your host and launched your self-hosted site, you can come back to review and rate your new hosting provider. Be sure to leave Roxy a comment with your new URL and I'll stop by to visit.