Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat: London and Maddie, Rex and Roxy Ready for Second Halloween Appearance

Happy Halloween, everyone! Here in the Roxiticus Valley, London and Maddie hopped on the schoolbus this morning with their Sharpay costumes, excited about the big Halloween Parade at Mendham Township Elementary School at 2:30pm this afternoon.

On the left, in a photo from last weekend's Bay Head Halloween Parade, London appears as Sharpay in her "end of year celebration" outfit and Maddie struts her stuff as Sharpay "golf."

In addition to the school parade, the Brookside fire department is hosting a Halloween party at the Mendham Township Elementary School at 5:30pm. We'll be out trick or treating with friends in Drakewick, and will hope to see you out there in costume!

For our loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers from out of town and around the world, I would love to see your comments here about your plans for Halloween? Are any grown-ups dressing up for Halloween parties or to go out in the neighborhood with your kids? How 'bout the kids? Do you celebrate Halloween in your part of the world, or another holiday with a similar theme?


Lena Steuern said...

We never have anything as elaborate as this!! This sounds a lot of fun. The kids here are not allowed to dress up for school.. but they do tend to go out with their parents in the evenings. Your children go out so early as well.. but when you think about it.. it´s so dark, so early these days, that going out at 5:30pm is just the same as going out at 7pm. I´m currently sitting with devil horns on degegating which items go best with which costumes. Enjoy the festivities! Lena