Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maddie’s First Grade Class Trip to Stony Hill Farm in Chester, New Jersey

Last week, I had the good fortune to chaperone Maddie's first grade class trip to Stony Hill Farm in Chester, New Jersey. The first graders, teachers, and a handful of moms and dads boarded the school buses in front of Mendham Township Elementary School at 9:00am on Tuesday, October 21st and made the quick trip to Chester. Our group was escorted into the barn for an educational session about farming that I found fascinating. We learned a great deal about growing corn, feeding livestock and the difference between straw and hay, raising and protecting bees (honey bees and other native bees), and the importance of supporting our local farmers. As many of the first graders seemed distracted, kicking the straw and stirring up dust (aaaahchooo!), I worried that our farm guide's expertise had been lost on the kids, but I was thrilled later that night when Maddie put all of the information into her own words to share it with Rex and London at the dinner table that night.

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Mariuca said...

Is that another maze Roxy? It looks awesome! :)

Thanks for the many clicks from RDH and RBO yesterday, must advertise with Roxy again woot! :):):)

bloggersmosaic said...

wow what a trip!

Shinade said...

Oh my Roxy,
How much fun was that? I just know it was a blast. I have seen these all over the country. But, I have never actually stopped and wandered around through one.

I shall add that to my list of things to do.

I finished the tag ..finally!!

I just wanted you to know that I didn't forget you!:-))))

The Mommy Blogger said...

that is just so cool! Must have been fun!