Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rex's Breitling Knock-Off is Still MIA...Maybe a Movado Mens Watch?

My loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers may remember that my husband Rex broke his inexpensive Breitling knock-off way back in the Spring, and we sent it back for repairs just before Father's Day. While I toyed with the idea of surprising Rex with a genuine Breitling watch for Father's Day or his June birthday, I never got around to placing the order for "the real deal." Meanwhile, it is four months later and his Breitling knock-off is still missing in action. Apparently, it can't be fixed and is due to be replaced, but the model he owned is out of stock until mid-October.

So I'm back to the notion of surprising Rex with a new watch from the Watchery's online selection of Movado watches like the Movado mens Folio in the photo on the right. Rex will like the black Museum dial with the leather strap. It looks like this little beauty can be mine for only $195, and I can also get a second watch for 80% off.

Time for a reader poll...should I give it to Rex right away, or save it for Christmas?


Empty Streets said...

i love the watch so elegant :)