Friday, October 24, 2008

Weather or Not, London and Maddie Are Ready for the Bay Head Halloween Parade: Sunday, October 26th, Mount Street to the Firehouse in Bay Head, NJ

Rex read me a grim weather forecast for the weekend from The New York Times earlier this evening, but we're going down to our beach house in Bay Head, NJ, come hell, Halloween, or high water. Right now is forecasting rain on Saturday, but sunny and 60 degrees on Sunday for the Bay Head Halloween Parade. Witches, goblins, ghosts and Disney princesses will start gathering on Mount Street in Bay Head, New Jersey, shortly after 11am for the 11:45am parade start.

London and Maddie decided to go as a pair of Sharpays (the High School Musical character, not the dog breed) -- one Sharpay Golf and one Sharpay End-of-Year Celebration, complete with gold lame (pronounced la-MAY, not sure how you'd spell it differently than adding an accent over the "e") pants.

Rex and I are going as Barbie and Ken, and we're hoping this motley family can win a trophy this year. Rex really looks the part, and London promised to style my hair in Barbie pigtails, but the competition is always tough... we're not the only family in Bay Head that takes Halloween seriously!

Wish us luck...and if the girls' costumes, wigs, and oversized sunglasses turn out to be a suitable disguise, I may even share some photos on Monday.


Mariuca said...

MEOW Aunty Roxy! Master sent me to vote for u on her behalf and to let u know she will be on a BOTB herself tonight! Furry wink wink Furry nudge nudge! ;)

Mariuca said...

Oh Roxy, I lost by one vote ouch! But happy u won yours and am happily joining another one as we speak, hopefully one of those famous BOTB battlers will not accept my BOTB this time around, otherwise it'll be another boo hoo!

Mariuca said...

YIKES!!! What did I tell ya??? I'm so gonna lose to JB lol! ;)

Jason said...

Cute! Stella is going as Olivia (the pig from the kids books). That Barbie and Ken look more like Marsha and Greg Brady (which would also be a great costume for a couple - technically they aren't really brother and sister).

Mariuca said...

I'm here Roxy! Hope it'll be a double win for u tonight, good luck! :):):)