Sunday, March 01, 2009

Coffee Coffee Coffee

So far, Rex and I have been nothing but energized by the people in our new office, but I have one shocking complaint. On our very first day, at our very first all hands staff meeting, we were greeted multiple times in the following manner: "Welcome aboard! Don't drink the coffee!" Apparently the coffee maker had broken that day, Groundhog's Day 2009, and was producing nothing but a scary dark sludge. Well, that was a month ago, and while Rex and I consider our daily coffee to be the force of life, we've had to make do with what we drink at home in the morning and pour into go cups for the train ride in to NYC. I sent the guy who seems to be in charge of the office coffee situation a link to buy a Keurig Coffee Maker on Amazon, and a link to stock the pantry with Gloria Jean's Flavored Coffee Variety (Amazon's prices are better than any of our local supermakets, especially if you order through a "subscription"), but so far... nothing. Tomorrow is our second monthly staff meeting, and it may turn out that Rex and I will be lucky to be snowed in at home... with our daily dose of coffee.


Henson Ray said...

For Christmas this year, I received one of those Tassimo coffee makers that lets you create one cup of coffee at a time...It's great, and would be a perfect asset in your new office. (Or on your desk, for only you and Rex to share)...Fresh brewed, piping hot, luxurious coffee every time...(Do I sound like a commercial?)...Anyway, just stopped by to say hi...I miss your weekly visits...