Sunday, March 08, 2009

Jury Duty

A little bit of a different Monday for Roxy tomorrow... I've been called to Jury Duty in Morris County, NJ. The rules are "one day, one trial," so I'm hoping to be back to work on Tuesday. Rex had jury duty a couple of years ago, but thankfully he wasn't called for a trial and was back to work the next day.

I seem to remember a hot little novel I read last year about an on again, off again couple who met on jury duty in Brooklyn, but other than fiction, I have no hands-on experience.

Do any of you have experience with jury duty?


Mary said...


Having been called to jury duty several times, Please let me give you some insight.

1. Call the number on the notice the night before you are scheduled to serve. Many times they excuse quite a bit of those called as they have called a larger pool than needed.

2. Plan to arrive early and wear comfortable shoes! Having to park at HQ parking lot and walk to and from the courthouse can be painful in heels! Not only do you have to walk a bit to get from parking to the courthouse, but the wait at the security check in is long. (Note: think airport security lines) The courthouse was built way back in the 1800's, so think rabbit warren. Getting from point A to point B will likely be a circuitous route/adventure.

3. Bring something to do while sitting and waiting. Books, paperwork, playing cards, etc. We were not able to use cell phones or computers in much of the courthouse. In fact many times during the day we were told we had to shut off the cell all together. (any time we went into a courtroom to see if we'd be selected)

4. I recommend bringing a brown bag lunch. Often the time they give you for lunch is a half hour, and with a jury pool of 300 all heading out to find lunch at a close by establishment at the same time, not to mention all the courthouse regular lunch traffic, you likely will not even get to order before you have to head back to the courthouse. There are vending machines at the courthouse but they only have snacks and drinks. (bring change)

That being said, go and enjoy! I met some wonderful and interesting people while there, as well as learned quite a bit about the legal system and the history of Morris County while being there.


RoxiticusDH said...


Thanks so much for the helpful hints. I've already called the phone number and, unfortunately, they feel that they need me and 351of my peers.

The good news so far is that the phone message also said that wireless Internet access would be provided and laptops will be allowed... unless of course I'm actually picked for a jury.

Thanks again... at a minimum, it will give me something to blog about!


Mary said...

Oh! Oh! Oh!, does that mean we can expect live blogging tomorrow?

I am glad to hear that they now offer wireless internet in the jury assembly room. Remember you have to very quickly pack up and carry everything with you as you are sent to the various courtrooms to be selected. I remember being sent to quite a few courtrooms too... think pin ball.


Mary said...


I just have to know, how did jury duty go? Were you selected/seated on a jury? I know you cannot tell us details of the case if you were, be I am curious to hear your take on the whole event/day.